StarExpert company always looks for opportunity to extend its network of suppliers, researchers and extra service providers. We may help your business, including your company in our wide range of partners.

Сотрудничество / Cooperation

If you:

  • Collect, process or store any kind of biological specimens (or seek researchers who need your specimens);
  • Plan a research using our or our partners’ specimens;
  • Want to donate specimens for further biomedical research aiming at development of new medications, improvement of treatment and diagnosis methods;

– We invite you to join us.

We also work with companies that provide additional services to our customers that improve the products we offer. For example, our affiliated company performs molecular genetic diagnostics in oncology (NGS, FISH test, PCR, Sanger sequencing, etc.), histology, histopathology and tissue immunohistochemistry, which we provide to our clients. Another company we work with creates primary cell lines for our clients from the fresh tissue we supply. The products and services we provide complement each other and are perfectly combined with the specimen supply business. So we can provide a full range of services related to the human or animal specimens supply.

We invite the following business for collaboration:

  • any state or private medical institutions where patients with any diagnoses are treated, diagnosed or undergo health checks;
  • non-profit organizations, professional associations of specialists / doctors involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of any diseases, as well as companies introducing modern scientific discoveries into clinical practice;
  • research organizations or individual researchers;
  • laboratories processing and storing specimens.