Specimen collections

Specimen collections we provide are designed for scientific and translational research (including our own scientific projects).

StarExpert company offers the following specimen collections:

коллекции / collections
  • Client’s (perspective) collections for various nosologies are created according to individual inclusion and exclusion criteria stated in client’s requirements and protocols.
  • Inner (achieved) collections for various nosologies are created according to typical inclusion criteria, standard preparation protocols and standard aliquoting.
  • Virtual collections are databases with comprehensive info on certain specimen collections. StarExpert company grants access to specimen’s high quality H&E images and to other valuable data.

Our collections are constantly growing. Various types of specimens can be shipped off and delivered in several days after an order so our clients can concentrate on their research and spend less time waiting. Specimens stored by StarExpert company are collected with an ethics committee approval and with patient’s informed consent (or from other companies’ archives if they meet all requirements). Specimens are stored, transferred and processed according to SOP.